Project Review and Turnaround

KPMC can undertake independent and objective reviews of your project/programme to provide reassurance that your investment will actually deliver your anticipated benefits.

Our ability to add value comes from our vast experience of observing and contributing to good management practice on a variety of projects throughout the construction and engineering industry, backed by our ability to transfer skills and methodologies.

How we can help

Consider a project review to be like a health check. The aim is to review various aspects of the project and give you peace of mind by ensuring that there are no hidden surprises. If any risks are identified KPMC can advise you on suitable mitigation measures.

  • Project Review - a brief review of project performance and control systems.
  • Project Audits - a more thorough review of various aspects of a project.
  • Project Turnaround - guidance on strategies to turn around troubled projects.

To arrange a project health check please contact KPMC at: or complete the contact form here...