Programme Management

KPMC can help your organisation achieve the desired outcome or benefits of a programme. We can review and challenge the scope and support the programme implementation by leveraging our proven track record of delivering major programmes and combined with best practise framework to help establish an effective PMO. Programme success hinges on the structuring and control of the various constituent projects so they deliver effectively as a group.

  • Governance and accountability.
  • Stakeholder management.
  • Risk and Issues management processes.
  • Scope definition and change control.
  • Prioritisation.
  • Reporting (including cost and/or benefit tracking).

Risk Management

Construction and engineering projects are generally subject to some degree of uncertainty. These project uncertainties coupled with the risks associated with a increasing turbulent macro-environment means that any organisation needs to have in place effective risk management procedures.

The identification and management of risks needs to be an ongoing process that considers:

  • Project feasibility and inception.
  • Project procurement.
  • Engineering and construction.
  • Maintenance and operation.
  • Decommissioning (where applicable).

Why use KPMC

We have a proven track record of providing training, setting up effective programme management processes and ongoing support to ensure:

  • Business strategy is aligned with programme delivery.
  • Integrated programme delivery plan in place to monitor key milestones.
  • Appropriate metrics defined for tracking benefit delivery.
  • Dashboard reporting to provide a simple overview of delivery status.
  • Appropriate governance and stakeholder management.
  • Effective Risk and Issue management in use.