Wayne Abraham

MSc BSc (Honours) LLM

E-mail: wayne.abraham@kpmc.com

Wayne is experienced across a wide range of sectors and provides expert evidence and witness evidence on construction and engineering disputes. Wayne has an in depth understanding of contractors claims, having worked as a quantity surveyor or a main contractor. This, combined with his legal and dispute resolution training, enables Wayne to successfully value claims and defences based on personal experience and supplemented by his technical skills.

Experience: Claims and dispute resolution, Contracts Management, quantity surveying, cost engineering, in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Far East.

Civil engineering - Road, Rail, Bridge, Tunnelling.
Building Housing, commercial, public.
Water, Oil Petrochemical, Nuclear.

Project oversight: Objectively validate project delivery and recommend turn around options.

Claims: Advise on claims strategy and analysis of entitlement (e.g. extension of time, disruption and prolongation, general quantum).

Disputes: Preparation of expert reports, claims and defences on a range of issues to which professional knowledge and experience relates, including quantum of loss and damage, causation, the effect of various events or factors on project performance, project programming issues, project management decisions, project management processes, construction methods, productivity, quality of work, contract administration, the cost and valuation of variations, the reasonable cost of work carried out, project overheads, corporate overhead costs, loss of profit and loss of production in various circumstances.

Specialties: Claims and dispute resolution, contract management, preparation of expert reports, claims and defence management, quantity surveying, cost engineering.