Corporate Strategic Guidance

KPMC can help you review strategy at a corporate level with the aim of answering the following questions:

  • Where is the business trying to get to in the long-term (direction)
  • Which markets should a business compete in and what kind of activities are involved in such markets? (markets; scope)
  • How can the business perform better than the competition in those markets? (advantage)?
  • What resources (skills, assets, finance, relationships, technical competence, facilities) are required in order to be able to compete? (resources)?
  • What external, environmental factors affect the businesses' ability to compete? (environment)?
  • What are the values and expectations of those who have power in and around the business? (stakeholders)

Project Strategic Guidance

In today's increasingly competitive construction environment the successful delivery of projects requires the right balance of technical expertise, commercial and management skills, financial resources and support systems.

KPMC can review the project level setup and advise of any areas where improvements can be made such as project control and the supply chain.

The first step in improving project delivery is understanding your capabilities in terms of both their strengths and weaknesses.

Decision Support

KPMC has developed its own framework based on game theory concepts to determine what should be done in conflict type scenarios such as resolving claims or disputes.

Game theory is a branch of mathematical analysis that provides a way to model the interaction between two parties (or 'players') that have conflicting objectives.

Game theory provides a basis for modelling different scenarios such as:

  • In a potential conflict or dispute scenario - what should be the next move?
  • During financial negotiations examine the strength of your bargaining position and how you can leverage you own position